LDCS-SMART EVO for yarns spools/bobbins laser density control, will be introduced to our Customers during the FIMAST2018.

The laser density quality control instrument can verify the parameters of:

1- Bobbin/spool yarn net weight

2- Bobbin/spool net volume

3- Bobbin/spool profile

4 –Bobbin/spool yarn density

and can record a wide series of data and information to be utilized in to the dyeing process or packing/delivery dpt., same can be shared with office computers DB for statistics, productions, Customers info. and others data.

LDCS-SMART EVO laser density control, allow to individuate production problems connected to individual positions on texturing, twisting, winding and re-winding machines, this allows an immediate reaction from the Staff, avoiding to produce bobbins/spools not suited for the dyeing or to other uses where the weight, dimensions and density are essential and indicative parameters of quality.

The series LDCS-SMART, represents the proper instruments for preventing possible problems of production, maintaining a high qualitative level of the yarn bobbins/spools verified (SD).

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