ISY – Italian Special Yarns

ISY was born in 2012 from an entrepreneurial willpower that boasts a background of almost half a century of textile experience and aims at the development and realization of a range of yarns distinguished by a strong identity.

Acronym for Italian Special Yarns, it contains in its simplicity a complex of experience and know-how belonging to a world where craftsmanship and expertise come together to create a high-quality Made in Italy product.

With this brand, the company exploited its know-how in order to create a collection of yarns where different fibers are harmoniously matching, creating a wide range of items.

ISY is aimed at all those who want to look beyond the monotony of classic colors; to those who love to break new grounds that will satisfy the most demanding and changing customers; to those who never stop and work every day with passion to turn ideas and dreams into reality.




Playing with tradition, elegance and experimentation, raw materials have been reinterpreted, crafted and processed in order to give life to a range of yarns that can adapt to all use situations and amaze the most precise and demanding customers.

The SS 2019 collection includes a wide range of items:

The silks – heritage of our tradition – are used both in purity to create a transparent and “scratchy” appearance – such as Paganini – and mixed with other yarns to embellish them.

Bolero – for a light effect – and Aloysia – a tubular ribbon for a “handmade effect” –  have been created thanks to the union of Mako cotton and silk yarns.

The proposals for this summer collection extend from the Vivaldi shiny looks with organzine twisting to the satin effects in a mix with cotton like Mimosa, New Joy and Margherita. Moreover, we are glad to present a comfort variation called Magnolia and another round and elegant one, Bold.

Light viscose fabrics are proposed both in the flat version of Mistral and in the comfort one of Ghibli.

Oxidized effects have been presented with several titrations and a wide color range such as in the Debussy 36 and Verdi color palettes. The Refolo yarn has been added to this group too, some news with wide colors and iridescent effects.

The range includes also “natural and technological” yarns: the weightless core spun Spritz, the elegant comfort of Lambrusco, made using matte viscose and PBT.

The paper effect of Ghost – both in solid colors and printed textures with added glitters too – and the new fringe look of the Witch yarn are next.

Linen is used in several items: Biba and Sesamo for smooth and clean effects, Slash for a printed and a little bit streaked look and lastly Chia, delicately iridescent on a shot fabric backcloth.

Holographic effects have been developed in the Sunrise glossy version or mixed with regenerated cotton; Sunset and Twilight complete the range of yarns.

Cotton can be found inside several items, Mojito: Mako comfortable cotton, elegant and with a delicate hand; Portobello, more arrogant and sporty; Beverly has a “handmade effect” both in the iridescent and in the “Lux” (high visibility fabric) versions, Piccadilly and Docks have a typical frosted effect.

The AW 2019-20 collection


The “chic” category includes our items with the most exquisite mixtures such as silk, brushed baby alpaca yarns and SuperKid Mohair.

Meribel, Baby, Bella and Beauty are the yarns with a teazling effect; Hair has a particular fur look, Baby light, Bella light and the blown Titti display matte and shiny contrasts by adding tone-on-tone lam fabric.

Mixer is a mousse with a sporty but sophisticated look, at the same time.

Bubi, a light chain stitch mixed using baby alpaca and extra fine merino wool.

Pansina:  the elastic and imperceptible rayon composed of a mix of precious raw materials such as Super Kid Mohair, baby alpaca, Mako cotton and Modal.

One of the backbone patterns of the collection is chenille, which can be found in several families: extremely light such as Tuki – underwear mixture with silk and Mako cotton – and Peposo too – in brushed cotton and polyamide -. 

We propose Velvet and Velvettino with a satin effect, both extremely soft to the touch. Finally, the shiny and voluminous Crosby.

The extra fine merino wool is another member that plays an essential role inside this collection; its features are typical of the following items: extremely light Manhattan with a carded look that can be combined with other colors and yarns; Tribeca crafted with extra fine wool and tone-on-tone lamé – or contrasting -; Cortina is an extra fine merino crepe in viscose with contrasting colors, matte/shiny.

Charme, a twist thread with 4 ends with a sporty look but superbly made, proposed in solid colors, mixed and printed with uneven lines.

Wig is the comfort chain stitch proposed in solid, mixed, printed and jaspé colors.

Quark stands out for its paper effect with a sporty but elegant look.

For comfort making, we suggest Incanto and Favola, delicately stretch-yarns.

Among the most comfortable and sophisticated items, there are Agata unito or Chine’ and the fake yarn PINA with delicate technical features.

Fantasy yarns move from metallic tweed effects (November Rain and Sharona) to the Shetland look proposed in the Hero yarn and in the flaming patterns of the Yoda yarn.

From the teazling comfort of Megan to the multicolor streaked effect of Leia.

Finally, we propose the scratchiest styles with a fur effect such as Jenny e Priscilla.


The “Four Seasons” come from the experience in all the twenty years of metalloplastic yarns creation and collect our yarns of impact for their brilliant and metallic effects, suitable for all seasons of the knitting world; their versatility allows using them alone but also in combination with all yarns from our collection.

Cometa, Quasar, Lario, Bohème, Bohème Holo, MH Toreador, Berlioz and Glamour are elegant in their metallic, iridescent and holographic versions and are proposed for their thickness.

MX, Rockettino, Rocket, Rockettone and Quarzo are scratchy and brilliant finished products in purity.  

The rigid yarns for buttonholes Zenzero, ST, Ziggy and Alien can give metallic effects to the items, both united and chiné.

Bach – thin and versatile – and Bartok reveal themselves to be more delicate in a mixed effect with viscose.

A delicate iris effect can be obtained from the combination of Dragonfly color, shiny transparent Crystal and Pixel, adding Bit – available also in a matte transparent version -.

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