DaKong was founded in 1956 by Mr. Wen Ying Chao to manufacture circular knitting machines for producing socks, scarf and braids. Subsequently, in order to accommodate the rapid growth, it was relocated to the current site equipped with 25,000 sq. meters situated inChanghua city, Taiwan in 1982.And we celebrated our 60thanniversary in 2016.

DaKong is a truly international company with technology centers established in Taiwan&Turkey to service some of their key markets and customers. DaKong now operates in more than 40 countries worldwide and is always expanding that network as new markets open up and discover the excellent value of our products.

At the present, the company consists of 200 skilled employees under the leadership of Mr. Charles Chao, whose philosophy has been to offer the best quality knitting machinery to the market with reasonable price and top quality service. Over the years, DaKong has built up a loyal base of clients around the world who have now been using its knitting machines for decades and trust the quality and durabilityof the Da Kong technologies.

Th company has invested heavily in our inspection & qualitycontrol systems to ensure product excellence. Besides, It also maintains a strictly controlled & managed production environment that is clean and functional to provide the best possible working area for the production.

“We welcome friends and customers from around the worldto our Headquartersin middle of Taiwan.Ifyou have not been here before,we invite you to come and you will find out what make our products and our relationship with customers so special.”


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