Autotex was founded in the United Kingdom back in 1975 from the idea of Ron Dorsett and Bob Haselgrove. Over the years, through constant investment in research and development, the company has established itself as an international market leader in the production of industrial machines for boarding and packaging for the hosiery industry. After a first phase focused on the development of machines for pantyhose and underwear, the company has gone through a long stage of engineering of solutions for men’s socks packaging and for the boarding that led the company, today, to be able to embrace almost all of the production of the sector.

 From 2000

In 2000, the company headquarters moved to Italy, giving officially life to Autotex Italy Srl, based in Borgosatollo (BS) in the heart of the most important hosiery industrial district, increasingly focusing its activities in the area of boarding and packaging for industries of the sector.


Today the company, proud of exporting the “Made in Italy” all over the world, offers a wide range catalogue of packaging machines: sewing machines for the application of the card-rider, boxing and bagging machines as well as boarding machines designed for all types of socks (man, woman, child and medical). Autotex Italia Srl also offers complete packaging lines developed to fully satisfy the needs of the single customer (automatic and semi-automatic solutions).

Customizations are the main strength of the company, always careful at studying ad hoc solutions to meet the needs of each customer the best way possible, adapting the machine to the user and not vice-versa. The attention to details and to the satisfaction of the buyer have made Autotex Italia Srl a successful company that counts among its customers the most important multinational manufacturers of hosiery and underwear.


Why to buy Autotex

  • Modularity with remarkable combination options and customization
  • Flexibility, ability to handle even small and very small production batches
  • Engineering resulting from twenty years of experience Autotex
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reductions in overall dimensions
  • Management capabilities of various materials (eg. Polyethylene bags)
  • ISO9001 certified in all processes
  • Entire production made in Italy by skilled local labor
  • Technical assistance, we offer technical training prior to delivery and installation of complex machinery at customers
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